Best Time To Work Out

Best Time To Workout

You will encounter many opinions and theories during your journey to achieve better health and fitness – most likely leaving you with a lot of questions. One common question is what is the best time to workout? Joining us today on Total Gym Pulse is fitness trainer and long time Total Gym user Rosalie Brown here to help us answer this very question.

Rosalie Brown with an Exercise Ball

Rosalie gets asked by her clients often – when is the best time to workout to maximize results? According to Rosalie, there is no best time to workout. It all depends on your personal preference and what works best for you. However, she does point out studies have shown people who work out on a Monday are more than likely to stay consistent with their workouts the rest of the week. This is also true for people who choose to workout in the morning.

Find the best part of the day to workout for you!

No matter if you choose to workout in the morning, afternoon or evening, the most important thing to remember is to stay consistent. If you want to get maximum results from your workouts, be sure to develop a schedule and stay with it – this is important in monitoring your progress at developing at a steady pace. Also, make sure to workout at a time where your energy levels are at their highest. Maybe you aren’t a morning person but rather a person who gains energy throughout the day. If that’s the case, schedule your workouts for afternoon or evening.

Please note that if you do like to workout in the evenings this may have an affect on your sleeping patterns. Working out late at night can affect your melatonin level which helps regulates your sleep. If your sleep less, this mean your recovery period is also shorter, which is critical when trying to achieve the maximum results from your workouts. Nonetheless, if evening is the only time you can exercise, by all means do it. Any exercise – regardless of the time of day is better than no exercise at all!

Rosalie Brown

We would like to thank Rosalie Brown for joining us once again and giving us some great advice to enhance our fitness lives. Look out for more from Rosalie and many other fitness experts coming soon to Total Gym Pulse!

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