Sexy Shoulder Workouts

Sexy Shoulder Exercises for Women

Sexy Shoulders on the BeachAttention Ladies! The summer heat is here and you know what that means: Sleeveless tops, sexy sundresses and swimsuits. You need a quick and effective shoulder workout to feel sexy at the pool, parties and special events and while wearing that sexy sundress. Here are some shoulder strengthening exercise solutions for you.

One of the most-important parts of the body to strength train is your shoulders. Training the entire shoulder area not only creates a sexy look, but it is also very important because the shoulders help with the daily things you do, such as carrying a purse, lifting heavy bags or boxes, carrying children and lifting things overhead.

Sculpting strong shoulders should be done in every angle of motion; this will help prevent the risk of injury and tone your shoulders equally. Another positive benefit from sculpting sexy shoulders is that it helps give the appearance of a slimmer waistline with proportional hips. Do I need to convince you any more how important it is to train those shoulders? This Total Gym workout gives you the knowledge you need to be on your way to looking and feeling your best this summer so you can show off your sexy shoulders when wearing your sundresses!

The Sexy Shoulder Workout Prescription

Do this workout two to three times a week along with a solid cardio plan to burn off extra calories. Perform each shoulder exercise 12-15 times, then transition directly to the next exercise with little to no rest. Rest once the entire circuit has been completed. Cycle through this continuous circuit for two to three sets. • For an extra challenge, add in a set of core exercises in between the shoulder circuit, then repeat from the top. • Increase the incline for an added challenge and to change the workout slightly.

Sexy Shoulder Exercises

Level three to four incline (depending on your strength level) 1. Row to oh press – seated facing tower 2. Rear delt flies – seated facing tower 3.Transition: Straddle down and sit to front of glideboard (GB), lay down on back with knees bent to 90 degrees and feet off GB 4. Side arm raises – lying supine, upside down on GB 5. Front arm raises – lying supine, upside down on GB Transition: Last rep, roll to seated and straddle down. Take both handles in one hand, turn around with back facing tower and sit at the bottom of the GB. Lie down with knees bent to 90 degrees in the air. 6. Supine arm circles right and left: crown of head points towards GB 7. Single arm seated/ kneeling diagonal pull right and left: sit or kneel to one side of the GB, change sides after reps are completed Was this workout helpful to you? Let us know! Follow Total Gym Direct on Facebook and Twitter for more workout tips and advice!

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