Ab and Hamstring Workout on the Total Gym

How To Get Abs FAST

Have you ever wondered how to get great abs fast? In a world where we are all crunched for time it can sometimes be difficult to get in a great workout, especially one that will get you six pack abs. This is one of the many benefits of the Total Gym machine. Working out on the Total Gym saves you time and allows you to get an intense workout in only a matter of minutes! Fitness trainer Tiffany Savion joins us today on Total Gym Pulse to demonstrate a couple of great exercises that not only help you get a quick six pack but also work the hamstrings and buttocks area.

Tiffany Savion Ab workout

“If it’s one thing we all need in life, it’s time,” says Tiffany in the intro. Her philosophy is that whenever you step into the gym or on your Total Gym you should get in as much work as you can in a short amount of time. This is not only effective at achieving the fitness results you desire, but also gives you more time to focus on other areas of life. The easiest way to achieve this is by compounding movements. These Total Gym exercises can be done either together or separately, and workout the problem areas of our body that we all want to tighten.

Tiffany Savion Ab workout

The exercise that Tiffany demonstrates first is a hamstring exercise. Working out the hamstrings helps lift the buttocks and gives more curvature to the muscles in the back of the legs, which both women and men desire. Start the exercise by sitting upright on the Total Gym, tighten your abs and place your feet under the pull up bar attachment at the top of the machine. Once secure, start the exercise by curling your knees up and then straighten them out again in a slow release.

Tiffany Savion Ab Workout

To intensify this workout and target your abs, simply lean back and continue the hamstring building exercise. Be sure to keep your shoulders down and back to maintain proper posture.

This exercise can also be performed while lying on your back. Keep the continuous motion of bending your knees while working the hamstrings and rev up the exercise by doing an abdominal crunch every time you come back down on the machine. By modifying this exercise with an abdominal crunch you are able to work two different muscle areas, the abs and the hamstrings, at once , which will save you time!

Tiffany Savion Abs4

Tiffany Savion Abs5

Tiffany Savion

We would like to thank Tiffany for showing us another incredible workout and also how to combine workouts using the Total Gym to save time. Look out for more great Total Gym tips from fitness trainer Tiffany Savion coming to Total Gym Pulse soon!

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