Fit in 5 with Cassandra Part 2

This exercise series is really a fun and fast way to get a great workout in a short amount of time. I love the simplicity of using the wing attachment to complete the five exercise moves. To get the most out of this routine, you will repeat all five exercise with five rounds.

This round of Fit in 5 will work the legs, back, shoulders, arms and abs.

Let’s get started!

***Always warm up before starting any workout routine, have water and a towel ready.

Fit in Five Part 2

Complete 15 Reps - 5 Sets

1. Seated Leg Curl Crunch Combo – Place feet into the wing attachment, sit up facing the tower and place feet into the attachment. Pull with the heels and crunch up into the movement to activate the abdominals at the same time.

2. Alternating Single Arm Pull Up – In prone position, place one hand on the wing attachment palm down as you pull up alternating right and left. Low levels are key to stay in good form and work your way up from there.

3. Hangman – In supine position, hold onto the wing bar palms up as you lift your legs to midline and lower back down working the lower abdominals.

4. Shoulder Press – Attach the wing bar or press up bars to the base of the Total Gym. In supine position press away from the body and slow return to avoid hitting the stoppers.

5. Inverted Crunch Reach – Place feet into wing attachment. Lie back with your legs extended, slight bend in knees. Crunch all the way up reaching towards the left leg then repeating towards the right leg. Keep alternating to complete the reps.

You will find how efficient the Total Gym is moving fluently through each exercise. Feel free to lower levels for less weight and raise levels for more challenging weight as needed. For more fitness tips and motivation please join me at Cassandra’s Total Fitness on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Cassandra Kurpiel
Certified Health Coach
Total Gym Brand Ambassador

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