Five Fitness Trends for 2017


Out with the old, in with 2017’s newest fitness trends!

It’s the New Year and with it comes several new fitness trends for 2017. Some may have you scratching your head and wondering what the workout involves. Classes like barre, floating yoga, and virtual boxing may sound interesting and a little intimidating at the same time, so let’s take a look at some of these trendy new workouts and examine the benefits each one may have on your regular fitness routine.

Looking for something new and different to try? Consider an Orangetheory or SoulCycle class to get you moving and grooving heading into the New Year!

Five Popular Fitness Trends to Tackle in 2017


Barre has become a very popular workout with studios and boutiques popping up consistently around the country. Every week this class at the YMCA in San Diego has included some of the highest attendance numbers on the group exercise schedule. It is not a surprise since some of the major benefits include: improved posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increased flexibility and reduced stress. One can expect to begin with a warm up and sequence of upper-body exercises, which include free weights, push-ups, planks and other moves to target biceps, triceps, chest, and back muscles. While using the ballet barre and your own body weight for resistance the class focuses on the thigh and glute muscles. Add an engaged core throughout the entire class and you have completed one challenging workout. Check out (

Virtual Boxing

This is a great workout if you’re short on time and prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home. Virtual boxing requires no bags, pads, gloves or a ring. Grab a set of preferred hands weights, fire up your computer, and get ready to follow along with a boxing expert who will challenge you through a series of 3 minute rounds, to get your heart rate pumping and your mind moving. Benefits include: improved strength, speed, coordination, and as a bonus your body continues to burn calories for approx. 12 hours after completing the workout! There are two options a monthly or annual subscription giving you access to an online library full of exercises including: straights, plank touches, double jabs, and burpees. If you’re looking to get your sweat on and experience a heart pumping workout the Boxx Method may be the workout for you. (

Floating Yoga

One form of floating yoga setting a new trend in Los Angeles is called In-Trinity, created by Johnny G, the developer of the popular indoor cycling program called Spinning. By using a slanted elevated board this form of yoga builds overall strength while improving flexibility and balance challenging several muscle groups during the entire workout. Johnny G has combined yoga, Pilates, and martial arts into one physical and mental practice that takes both mind and body movement to the next level. The music played in a floating yoga class provides relaxation, clarity, and focus, adding additional benefits to overall health and well-being. If you are looking for a different form of yoga to change up the standard routine and keep things interesting, try locating a floating yoga class near you. (


Known for offering cycling classes in a unique appealing environment SoulCycle sessions provide a solid fat-burning cardio and full-body workout in a short period of time. With a variety of SoulCycle classes to choose from one can experience different forms of cycling while enjoying candlelit spaces, rocking music, and inspirational choreography, adding a one of a kind experience while increasing strength and working the core. SoulCycle classes involve being in a group setting to exercise – offering individuals the motivation and inspiration to remain dedicated to a group in a regular class or specific workout. If you plan to attend a SoulCycle class don’t forget to hydrate, consume a light snack beforehand, and wear comfortable clothing with form fitting pants. (

Orangetheory Fitness

Group training options have been on the rise and Orangetheory Fitness studios are growing in popularity. This workout offers a heart rate monitored form of training designed to maintain a target zone, stimulating metabolism and increasing energy. During a class a personal coach and trainer encourages you to keep moving by utilizing treadmills, rowing machines, suspension unit systems, free weights and benches. The advantage to this small group training environment includes having a consistent set of people around to motivate, inspire, and hold one accountable to push through fitness challenges and reach one’s highest potential. If you are looking to drop a few pounds or improve performance for a specific goal this workout can help get you there in an upbeat and motivational environment. Don’t forget to bring a towel and water bottle to this one, you will need it. (

Remember – while the latest fitness trends can have many benefits and perks, the overall benefits of exercise also have several positive effects including: improved memory, sleep, energy levels, confidence, and immune system, to name just a few. Whether you prefer to put on a set of headphones and tune out for a while, or attend a class with others around to motivate yourself, try and find an exercise routine that will fit your lifestyle to maintain for years to come. With all the various exercise environments ranging from small to large gyms, boutique studios, virtual workouts, and specialized classes there is something available for all ages and condition levels to enjoy. Now go grab a workout partner, lace up those sneakers, and try a fun new class to keep the heart pumping and endorphins flowing.

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Cara Beltran

Cara Beltran, CPT, is a NCCPT certified trainer, GRAVITYTrainer, and tennis teaching professional. She completed her undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley where she competed on the women’s tennis team throughout college. Her fitness experience has also included working as the Education and Training Coordinator for Total Gym Global Corporation. Cara currently works as a GRAVITYTrainer for the YMCA of San Diego, where she enjoys teaching classes and encouraging her students to reach their strength and fitness goals. She enjoys inspiring those around her to stay active and be the best that they can be.

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