Get Ready to Dance with the Total Gym and Zumba Combo!

Total Gym - Zumba Combo video

Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines typically incorporate interval and resistance training with squats and lunges. It’s considered a cardio activity, but hopefully because you’re having fun dancing you won’t really notice that you’re exercising. Do note that there is no wrong or right way to perform a Zumba routine. There’s always time to figure it out or make it your own. Having problems with the mambo? Then march! I’ve been teaching Zumba for nine years and I never get tired of getting in front of a class and commanding fun and exhaustion.

Combining Zumba with the Total Gym creates a great circuit workout. Vigorous dancing gets the heart rate up, and then moving to the Total Gym pumps the muscles. Music is a requirement, because what fun is dancing without it? The beat will also help you maintain a good workout pace on the Total Gym, so make sure the height bar is at a level that you can complete reps.

This adds to both the cardio quotient and the fatigue quotient. Below is one combo including approximately five minutes of cardio and three to five minutes of resistance training. The Zumba portion includes mambo lunges and large arm moves followed by side lunges and knee lifts. The mambo lunges get more “Latin” as we progress but feel free to stick with the basic mambos.

The two-part Total Gym portion is self-explanatory with kneeled upper body work:

  • 12 bicep curls
  • 12 triceps kickbacks
  • 12 front rows
  • 4 reverse flys

We follow with a combo of two of the above and one reverse fly. Next we change seating and lie down on the glideboard to perform:

  • 6 to 8 full arm pulldowns
  • 8 pulldowns with abdominal curls
  • 8 side pulldowns
  • Static moves holding extended arms at side for 8 counts
  • Maintain static hold with 16 inner thigh leg moves

You should complete the combo at least four times for a half hour workout, followed by a cool-down period of course! Go for it and have fun!


Benita Perkins

Benita Perkins – is a widely acclaimed health and wellness branding expert focusing on the fitness needs of women and the special demands they must overcome to step into a lifetime of healthy living through fun, interactive lifestyle events. Her company, Bennie Girl Health & Wellness Branding & Events, works with businesses and organizations to associate their brands and products with a healthy lifestyle, by identifying opportune events to participate in and activities that will best define and communicate the organization’s mission.

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