Health, Fitness and Happiness Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2015

Health, Fitness & Happiness Blogs For The New Year

Happiness Blogs

Making changes is what New Year’s resolutions are all about, whether it’s a decision to eat differently, run faster, eliminate clutter or decrease stress in your life. But sometimes you need a little guidance to help kick things off.

The bloggers on this list are successful in their fields, widely read and they recognize the importance of mental health along with physical health. These blogs are personal and positive. Whether you are looking for inspirational quotes, motivation to make an impactful change, or simply a place to connect with positive people, these blogs can provide it all plus more. Let this year be the one where you make good health and deep happiness yours.

8 Blogs to Improve Your Body

  • by Mark Sisson
    60-something year old Sisson is the widely quoted guru of looking good naked on a slack line or paddleboard.
  • by Molly Galbraith, et al.
    Galbraith and a host of women write the manifesto for strong and beautiful women who want real results.
  • by Dorothy Beal
    Competitor Magazine says this runner is one to listen to, watch, and one who inspires through doing.
  • by Dawn Fletcher
    Helping Crossfitters find their mental edge, Fletcher believes thoughts can either hold us back, or propel us forward.
  • By Ragen Chastain
    Armed with her wit and super flexible hips, this blogger is a proponent of fit at any size: she’s ready to dance it out just to prove happiness does not rely on spandex and that fitness is a state of mind.
  • by Colin Stockert
    Every blog starts with a quote as a jumping off point for Stockert, whose main philosophy is to take action in order to achieve something.
  • Blogilates by Cassey Ho
    Friendly, whimsical and focused on motivating your fitness while being very girly, she makes Pilates fun because you “gotta train like a beast to look like a Beauty.”
  • by Neghar Fonooni
    A trainer with an approachable, practical persona, Fonooni shares workout ideas along with positive messages about life and nutrition. Eat, lift and be happy.

8 Blogs to Improve Your Mind

  • by Henrik Edberg
    Based in Sweden, Edberg approaches happiness in a practical, step-by-step method.
  • by Lori Deschene.
    Focused on self-love and acceptance, Deschene and company inspire readers to cope with negative thoughts and empowers them to embrace a happier self.
  • by Leo Babauta
    Entrepreneur, writer, fitness die-hard, and father of six offers words of wisdom gained through trial and error.
  • The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
    Rubin encourages the Buddhist practice of list making to prioritize changes and create your own happiness project.
  • by Jennifer Pastiloff
    This blog proposes that yoga is about asking yourself uncomfortable questions and not just being in an uncomfortable position. Pastiloff is at her best, mentoring people to go beauty hunting with her through the written word and through physical manifestation.
  • by Mark Setton et al.
    Take a happiness quiz and dive into Positive Psychology with information on life skills and habits for the enhancement of well being, resilience against depression and anxiety, and the pursuit of a meaningful life.
  • by Laruga Glaser
    A yogi whose approach to her practice is human and vulnerable, Glaser brings inspiration to her readers worldwide.
  • by Gabrielle Bernstein
    Bernstein is a proponent of subtle shifts for radical change and unlimited happiness, and as a self-proclaimed spirit junkie, she speaks from a place of experience, encouraging meditation and self-healing.
  • Jodai Saremi

    Jodai Saremi, DPM, BS , is a freelance writer, AFAA certified trainer, and fitness model. She has written for American Fitness, SPIN fitness, Your Health Connection magazines, and other online publications. Her articles have also been featured in textbooks. She enjoys an active lifestyle and lives in Ventura County, Calif. with her husband and two children.

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