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Given the environment we are living in, it is crucial to focus on the only thing that we can control right NOW -- our HEALTH. We must take serious and practical measures to strengthen our immune system. I would love to help you with that.

The coronavirus is made up of many strains that have been around for a long time. COVID-19 is a strain of coronavirus that is unfamiliar to the medical system and spreads a lot faster. There is a lot of information available online about the symptoms and statistics. This blog is not meant to focus on this virus necessarily, but to emphasize the power we have to build a strong immune system so that we need not fear any virus.

Strengthening the Immune System Naturally

How can we strengthen our immunity? A viral infection requires antibodies to fight it that are made by YOU. If a relatively healthy person comes into contact with any virus, their immune system will create the antibodies to fight it. Instead of filling your head with fear, why not take this time to practice stricter health measures.

Did you know that 5 minutes of anger or fear suppresses your immune system for 5 hours?

Here are my top recommendations to help ward off any virus. It is so important to initiate better health habits during flu season, and especially during a pandemic.

1) Take a high quality vitamin C especially if you are not eating a ton of organic fruits and veggies, or juicing. Try and choose a brand that has the least amount of toxic ingredients of course. I personally use the whole food called organic Camu Camu.

2) Take an adrenal cocktail filled with adaptogens and calming herbs that will support your anxiety. There are many wonderful herbal teas available as well. Holy basil is one of my favorites.

3) Stay far away from sugar. If you think sugar is a comfort food, it is... for 10 seconds. After this, you will hit a wall that will increase your anxiety, especially if you are prone to it.

4) Vitamin D3 with K2 is extremely important for immune support especially when we lose the sun starting in the month of October.

5) Staying hydrated with bone broth, reverse osmosis warm water with lemon, and electrolytes is crucial. Aim for 3 liters of fluids a day between your meals. Try to drink your liquids warm or at room temperature. This practice will also help you digest your food better as cold drinks can deplete your enzymes. Juicing vegetables is so powerful as it supplies you with an abundance of minerals, electrolytes and anti oxidants that would be impossible to eat at one time. A great combination for immune support is celery (which also aids in stomach acid) , green apple , lemon and dandelion greens .

6) 75-80% of our immune system resides in our gut. Everyone is focusing on cleansing their hands and the outside of the body, but what is going on in the inside? We must keep our bowels moving. In Chinese medicine the lungs reflect the colon. Anybody that has sluggish bowels can have problems moving out respiratory issues. When somebody has a respiratory problem you want to make sure they are moving their bowels a few times a day. This has to happen naturally. The main reasons for constipation are a lack of good prebiotic fiber in the diet, and dehydration. In general, viruses or no viruses, we want to be moving our bowels well. We can run into so many problems when we get backed up.

7) Sleep and rest is of utmost importance. If falling asleep is difficult for you, you can try a good quality magnesium citrate before bed, or for a short time only, some melatonin. Your bedroom should be as dark as possible, with all Wi-Fi turned off . In fact, your cell phone should not be in your bedroom. Sleeping with your window open and a green plant for better oxygen would help as well.

8) Practicing breathing techniques is crucial. People do not realize how much and how often they hold their breath. There is nothing more beneficial to help strengthen the lungs than practicing a hold on the inhale. There is a lot of online support right now in this area. The Wimhof method has been popular for many years. Iknow that it is never easy to change our habits, but taking small steps is better than none at all. Stay safe and well!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

Frances Michaelson

A pioneer in the fitness industry, Frances opened the first personal training center in the West Island of Montreal in 2001. In 2008 , Frances had the “gut feeling“ that there was more to learn about health and how our bodies function, which led to further her education in the field of Naturopathy and holistic nutrition. She has since authored two books. Her latest book, "Do you Have the Guts to be Healthy" was published in March 2021. As a trainer and naturopath, she truly loves seeing people transform themselves by trusting their bodies instead of getting caught up in the medical system. Practicing health is the only way to live the gift of life well!

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