Improve your workout with the new Total Gym Row Trainer!

I love it when a new fitness product comes along and knocks my socks off. I’ll never forget my first BOSU Ball experience! Ten years ago, I was introduced to the Total Gym and it changed my body. Now, the Total Gym Row Trainer is my newest love. When it comes to indoor rowers, nothing beats it.


The Benefits


The Total Gym Row Trainer gives you both resistance and cardio training all on one machine with little to no impact on your joints. Hey, it doesn’t get any better than that. Did I mention that you can target your core as well? We all know that a strong trunk is a necessary foundation for strong limbs, so that’s another bonus in my book. And, it’s easy to use, fun and made for every body type. From my 6-year-old nephew to my 74 year old mom and every age, shape and size in between, the Row Trainer is getting two thumbs up from all who try it.


Not Your Average Row


The Total Gym Row Trainer’s unique incline provides resistance in BOTH directions, so you get a great full body workout by working more muscles. Other rowers provide resistance on the pull (concentric movements) but not the return (eccentric movements). What I’m saying is, with this rower you get more muscle strength, more calories burned, and more benefits.


The incline is amazing because you’re working your legs, your arms, and your core with every single move. The seat was made with the perfect amount of lower lumbar support so you can perform dynamic and static work without sacrificing form or posture. It feels natural to move through the full range of motion and it’s so intuitive that you don’t have to try and figure out how to do the exercises correctly. And because the resistance comes from your body and the incline together, there is no wasted movement.


If you’re thinking that your body will get used to the movement too quickly and stop progressing, think again. Oh, this is so much more than a one-note machine. Allow me to present some options:


You can do static exercises. You can do dynamic exercises. You can add plyometric work. You can work both arms together, both legs together, one arm at a time, one leg at a time, and all of this in any combination you can think of. You can adjust the level to increase or decrease the intensity and difficulty. And, you can add resistance bands if you want to up the ante. The sky is the limit with this indoor rower. I was recently at a fitness convention and every single person that got on the Row Trainer literally said, “Wow!”. It was awesome, and now it’s your turn. Jump on and let’s get rowing.


The 45 Minute Workout


Use the Row Trainer’s visual display to keep track of your time, strokes, distance and calories. I would also recommend wearing workout gloves. This can make a huge difference in going the distance.


This workout should be performed in a consistent and fluid manner. Think of a steady, flowing stream. Watch your form and try to avoid gaining too much momentum. More resistance means more calories burned: about 400-600 calories in 45 minutes with this workout.





Recommended level for beginners is low without a resistance band.


If fatigue doesn’t occur, then raise the incline, add a resistance band or modify the exercise. If form is broken before 8 reps, lower the level. If at the lowest level fatigue occurs, take a short break then resume.


Continue to Phase 2



Recommended level is low with one resistance band.

Continue to Phase 3


Recommended level is high, resistance band optional
Muscles may be very fatigued, so modify if necessary by eliminating resistance band or remaining on low level.
Finish up with a cool down and some stretching. The following exercises will target the muscles that you just worked:
o Head tilt forward
o Head tilt sideways
o Arm across chest shoulder stretch
o Wrist flexor stretch
o Wrist extensor stretch
o Standing torso rotations

Dejinira Lee

Dejinira Lee has been an ACE certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and nutrition specialist since 1997. She received her education from UCLA’s specialized Fitness & Nutrition program and Tuft’s University for Total Nutrition. Dejinira is also a Total Gym GRAVITY Trainer, BOSU Master Trainer Levels I and II, and an ACE trained Clinical Exercise Specialist. She currently works with golfers, instructors and regular clients of all fitness levels, in both a Virtual and Studio setting, focusing on improving strength, range of motion, balance and agility. “I love meeting the different needs of my clients! It keeps my mind active and inspires me to keep learning. There’s no better feeling than hearing my clients say “I can’t believe I did that!”

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