Love is in the air… and a little movement sesh will give your muscles a warm fuzzy feeling!

These flexibility moves will have you fall in love with a flirty, fun, and feel-good flow on your Total Gym.

A basic exercise routine will strengthen, lengthen, and tone your muscles, but how about a flexibility workout that makes you feel sexy? Inspired by Valentine's Day, I’ve created a “Flexy & Sexy” stretching routine that helps lengthen your muscles while adding a flirty flair. These stretches will make your muscles fall in love with your Total Gym over and over again!


There’s many stretching techniques and flexibility methods that you can perform. But what makes this flexibility flow so special is the way the glide board moves you into the stretch and helps you achieve a fuller range of motion each time. The other special feature is being able to adjust the incline height to assist or resist the stretch. These features make flexibility training on your Total Gym a perfect solution when accommodating your flexibility level. It will also help increase your range of motion, prevent injury, and keep your joints strong and limber!


Get ready to get flexy and bring the sexy to your Total Gym. These six sultry stretches will add a variety to the classic ones you may already perform.

• Move slowly with control through each stretch and utilize your breath to facilitate the movement.
• Learn these dynamic stretches well and when you are comfortable, give it your own special flair!
• I suggest playing music that makes you want to move freely, wear your sexiest workout gear, and add your own sassy style!
• Have fun with it and let your body flow.

1. Seated Sassy Circles
2. Cat Cow
3. Body Rolls
4. Ride Up & Glide Back
5. Inner T high Slide
6. Side Stretch - Wild Thing

Check out the video to learn how to perform these Total Gym stretches so you can

So let down your hair and give it some flair by adding some flexy and sexy moves to your routine. You might just fall in love with your Total Gym even more!

Give yourself some extra self-care and love to achieve your best self! This blog will pave the path: https://blog.totalgymdirect.com/self-love-valentines-day

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