Resolution Ready Series Part 4 – Breathless

Are you feeling energized and ready to sweat? Because it’s about to get hot on your Total Gym!

This Resolution Ready Workout is all about turning up the heat by getting your heart rate pumping, calories burning, and leaving you feeling your best with a cardio circuit on your Total Gym. You are in control of the intensity by how fast you move at the chosen incline level. Regardless of your pace or incline level, the goal is to stay in constant motion throughout the entire workout.


Congrats on making it to the final workout in the ‘Resolution Ready Series’. If you happened to miss any of the previous blogs, you can check them out here:

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Workout #4: BREATHLESS

Each of these workouts were designed with a specific focus to add variety into your current routine and efficiently challenge your body. Aim to perform these workouts on separate days throughout the week. Continue to alternate them for a set period of time, such as 3-4 weeks, to notice any physical or strength changes. Feel free to incorporate other workouts into the mix based on your fitness goals. Oh, and one more thing, remember to keep a clean diet to maximize your results!

Turn on your favorite music, set your timer, and let’s get moving!


[Squat Stand, timer or timer app ready]



• Begin with a quick dynamic warm-up (3 minutes) to prepare your muscles for the workout.
• A few exercises are listed below, but feel free to add in other exercises (on or off of your equipment) to ensure you are warmed up and ready to go!


• Perform the moves listed in each superset circuit for 60 seconds per exercise.
• Repeat each circuit for 2 sets. (total 4 minutes/ circuit)
• After your last set, try the Core Challenge Move for 30-60 seconds then move on to the next circuit.
• Total workout time: Approximately 15-20 minutes

Set Up

Squat Stand attached, High level


1. Squat variations
2. Leg Kicks (right / left)
3. Bridge Presses

Circuit 1:

1. Kissing Jacks
2. Single Leg Jumps (Alternating legs)

Core Challenge: Incline Mountain Climber

Circuit 2:

1. Jump Crunch
2. Bicycle Jog

Core Challenge: Forearm Plank Saws

Circuit 3:

1. Single Leg Jumps (30 sec right/ 30 sec left)
2. Pendulum Hops

Core Challenge: Knees in-out

Cool Down:

End your workout with a few stretches to lengthen the muscles just worked.

Be sure to check out the video to see how these cardio exercises are performed on your Total Gym.

Alternate these four Resolution Ready Workouts throughout the week for a total body challenge. Adjust the incline when the exercises become too easy or modify if they are too difficult. This will ensure you keep your muscles guessing and achieve the best results!

Best to you in this new decade.


Maria Sollon

Maria Sollon Scally MS, CSCS holds a Master’s Degree in Performance Enhancement/Injury Prevention and Kinesiology. She has obtained numerous certifications in various areas of fitness and is a national conference presenter. Maria specializes in Pilates, Performance Coaching, and Corrective Exercise Techniques and Kettlebells. She is the creator of the Plyo Pilates Method and has developed a series of amazing workout DVDs. She is a Master Trainer for Total Gym, Resist-a-Ball, Body Blade, Peak Pilates, Kettle Bell Concepts and is a freelance writer for Fitness accredited magazines, newsletters, and fitness blog sites. Maria demonstrates her knowledge each day and uses her dynamic creativity throughout her specialized line of work. (purchasable workout videos) (workout clips)

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