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Movement should be FUN. Remember being a kid, all the things you loved like jumping and climbing? Movement as an adult can be just as fun when we change our perspective. The word “exercise” can seem stressful and overwhelming, we put too many rules and restrictions around it. Movement can be so many activities, and still be healthy and fun. You may enjoy walking or riding bikes with your children and that can bring you inner and outer health. We need to move to keep our bodies working properly. We were designed to move not sit all the time. Sitting too much can cause diseases! We often let the time get away not realizing how many hours have gone by sitting.

Movement is not only amazing for physical health but emotional health too. Who wouldn’t want less stress! It is important to move often to provide energy, increase metabolism, stabilize the blood sugar, help aid in digestion, and build strong bones and muscles, especially as we age. My favorite way to move and have child-like fun, is by using the TOTAL GYM. I begin each day jumping and playing around seeing what “I CAN DO” not feeling as if “I HAVE TO”. I am thankful that my body has the ability to move because not everyone does. My mother struggles to walk daily, and I see how this has impacted her life. My loved ones are my WHY for staying healthy. When you change your perspective, you can change your life.

What moves you? What is your why?

Sometimes you just need to spice up your routine to bring back the FUN.

Toss on a set of ankle weights and join me for this fun TOTAL GYM demo routine! Perform each exercise 10, 20, or 30 reps depending on your fitness level. Repeat once or twice. Put on your favorite music and DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN!

Inner Thigh Press & Lift Combo – Lying on side, one foot center of squat stand facing ceiling, other leg stretched out ahead of you. Squat press while raising the opposite leg up to work the inner thighs keeping the toe pointed out to feel the stretch. TIP: Play around with low levels and high reps!
*Repeat opposite leg

Power Crunch – My signature total body move! Lying on back, feet in squat position, press to a jump squat as hands pullover into a crunch with cables. I typically do 30 and you will feel this one the next day!

Kneeling Bicep Curl & Leg Lift Combo – Burn out the arms and glutes! Kneeling on the glide board with cables perform a full set of bicep curl then rest cables anchoring down on the glide board to do a swooping leg lift.
*Repeat Bicep Curls & do opposite leg lift

Kneeling Bicep Curl & Fire Hydrant – Improve your hip stability and glutes! Complete a set of bicep curls, rest cables anchoring down on the glide board, bend knee in a 90-degree angle using your glutes and outer thigh muscles to lift and lower the leg.
*Repeat on opposite leg

Ab Crunch Donkey Kick Combo – The Ab Crunch attachment is phenomenal for core strength and balance. This exercise will challenge your core and work your hamstrings and glutes at the same time. Totally love multitasking exercises! Begin with a set of crunches moving slowly in an out to really engage your core after the set is complete, extend out half way holding your abdominals tight and perform a set a donkey kicks. Pressing through the heels.
*Repeat another set of ab crunch followed by donkey kicks on opposite leg.

Shoulder Press – Attach press up bars, wing bar, or tri grip shaper bars to the bottom of the Total Gym. Lying on stomach, slowly press away using the bars engaging the shoulder muscles. Make sure to have chest just off the glide board so you do not hit the stoppers each time.

Rainbow – Forearms down facing the foot of the Total Gym lift one leg up and over to the floor tapping with your toe in the shape of an arch. This is a great way to work multiple glute muscles and really tone up the booty!
*Repeat on opposite leg

Shoulder Press/ Single Leg Plank – Repeat a set of shoulder press followed by a plank resting hands on the bars or floor. Get into plank position tucking the core, slowly raise one leg up in the air and hold 10 to 30 seconds.
*Repeat on opposite leg

Plyo Shoulder Press – Keep your bones strong by incorporating plyometric moves into your routine. I like to finish my last set of presses with plyo and you will feel the difference! As you press, let off with the hands and gently catch your body on the return. Power away on the positive and slowly return on the negative.

I hope you had fun with me and maybe learned a few tips on how to spice up your routine! Quality of life is what it’s all about and sharing it with the ones we love. Why not play more and feel better! You are worth it!

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Cassandra Kurpiel
Total Gym Brand Ambassador

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  1. Great video! Love the different moves!!!

  2. This was a great video and gives me new ideas on what to do on the gym! I will definitely give them a try. Keep the ideas coming!

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