Total Gym Trainers Share Their Favorite Exercises: Part 2

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Note: Over the past couple of weeks, we asked the top Total Gym trainers what their essential movements are to keep their bodies in shape and toned over the years. To check out the first post visit here

Five Simple Moves in Five Minutes

Hello Total Gym home workout users. As a Total Gym Fitness Instructor I’m consistently asked what exercises I would perform on a Total Gym if given a limited amount of time to workout each day. Being a busy person myself I consistently come across this same scenario and I would like to share my five favorite exercises that target specific muscle groups.
Let’s take a look at the list below to get you moving and feeling strong to tackle your busy lifestyle. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build overall body strength, or even de-stress for a few minutes, these five at home fitness moves will help get you there:

Squats with Arm Raises

Get ready to move. Warming up the largest muscle groups in your body is a good idea when beginning any workout. Make sure to place your feet shoulder width apart towards the top of the squat stand and position yourself so both hands can wrap around the bottom ends of the glideboard. Keep in mind you want to ensure you are always in proper position to perform the exercises correctly. Once you’re moving up and down the glideboard beginning moving your arms up and down by your sides. Your heart rate will start to increase while your back and lat muscles begin to warm up.

  1. Side Lying Squat with Leg Lifts and Calf Raises

    By transitioning on your side you will continue to build up your overall leg and quad strength while increasing flexibility and muscle tone. By flexing your heel during the leg lifts you should feel a nice stretch in the Achilles heel and the calf area. This is a great exercise if you tend to have tight hips and calves and sit a lot throughout the day.
  2. Seated Low Row with Movement Variations

    I like this exercise on Total Gym because it allows you to combine movement variations while targeting various muscle groups. Not only will you work your shoulders, back, and arms, but by challenging yourself to keep a stable trunk you will also increase your core strength, very important for daily activity.
  3. Hamstring Curl with Rollup Movement

    Time to strengthen the backs of those thighs after performing squat exercises at the beginning of the workout. Take your time when placing one foot at a time in the folding foot holder. Always remember heel in first, then your toe. The knees should be flexed around 90 degrees while keeping your hamstrings engaged throughout the entire set of repetitions. Now that you are in this position, begin to incorporate a roll-up exercise. Place your arms straight overhead, palms inward, and begin rolling up one vertebra at a time, while reaching for the footpad or your ankles depending on overall flexibility.
  4. Torso Rotation with Lateral Bicep Curl

    Our fifth and final exercise will be the torso rotation with an added lateral bicep curl to follow. These two exercises will target the abs, obliques, and biceps. Start with the torso rotation by grasping one handle to bring the glideboard up the rails. Sit back facing sideways and slowly raise the feet off the floor and lift the handle from the glideboard. Create a triangle shape between the handles, forearms, and trunk. Now, remaining in that same position, transfer the handle into your hand closest to the tower. With the palm facing up, curl the handle up toward the shoulder through a comfortable range of motion.

Remember, when you are short on time the Total Gym is an ideal piece of equipment to experience a variety of exercises with an added touch of cardio. Keep in mind that the higher the rails the more challenging the exercise. Which one of these exercises is your favorite on the Total Gym? Comment below!

Cara Beltran

Cara Beltran, CPT, is a NCCPT certified trainer, GRAVITYTrainer, and tennis teaching professional. She completed her undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley where she competed on the women’s tennis team throughout college. Her fitness experience has also included working as the Education and Training Coordinator for Total Gym Global Corporation. Cara currently works as a GRAVITYTrainer for the YMCA of San Diego, where she enjoys teaching classes and encouraging her students to reach their strength and fitness goals. She enjoys inspiring those around her to stay active and be the best that they can be.

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