What’s the Real Age of Your Muscles?

Anti-Aging Muscles

Did you know that your muscles don’t know their age? That’s right! No matter your age, muscles can’t tell if they are old or young. They can only tell whether or not they are in action and have been used. It’s extremely important to have well developed muscles, especially as we get older. Simple tasks such as getting out of your chair, picking up groceries and lifting a suitcase can become difficult without proper muscle strength.

Rosalie Brown with an Exercise Ball

In today’s segment of Total Gym Pulse, long time Total Gym user and fitness trainer Rosalie Brown joins us to talk about our anti-aging muscles. In this video, Rosalie describes a study where a group of middle-aged people and another of people in their twenties each did the exact same eight-week training program. At the end of the trial, the researchers concluded that both groups had gained more muscle. As Rosalie says, “you don’t stop exercising because you get old, you get old because you stop exercising.”

Anti-Aging Tips

Aside from keeping your muscles active, here are some more anti-aging tips to assist you along your fitness journey.

1. Take Fish Oil Supplements – Fish oil is great for helping hair grow and making the skin look good. It is also beneficial for improving heart and immune functions.

2. Avoid Processed Sugar – Processed sugar has been proven to speed up aging due to the fact it weakens the collagen in the skin – eventually leading to wrinkles. Try to incorporate more vegetables into your diet and gravitate toward natural sugars such as those found in fruits.

3. Limit Your Sun Exposure – The number one cause of premature wrinkles is sun exposure. If you do go out in the sun be sure to use sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30.

4. Get Plenty of Rest – Your body needs rest. Not getting the proper rest can offset your body’s metabolism and potentially speed up anti-aging symptoms.

Rosalie Brown

Thanks to Rosalie Brown for giving us some great fitness advice on keeping our muscles active. If you would like to discover how The Total Gym can help you stay young and keep your muscles active, please visit Total Gym Direct. Look for more great fitness tips coming to Total Gym Pulse soon!

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