Sprouts – A True Superfood

We hear so much about different superfoods, but if there is one food that truly falls into the superfood category, it is sprouts. They have the largest amount of nutrients of any food. Sprouting increases the vitamin content of seeds significantly.

What are sprouts?

So what are sprouts exactly? They are edible seeds that have just germinated. All sprouts contain more vitamin C than oranges by weight. They are also a tremendous source of antioxidants, vitamins A, B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, selenium, and zinc. The sprouted seeds of some legumes, like lentils, peanuts, and soybeans, contain complete protein, as do many seeds.

Implementing sprouts into your daily diet

Eating sprouts is a good way to supplement your diet with food enzymes that are critical for literally every biochemical reaction that takes place in the body. Incorporating sprouts into your diet may significantly enhance your health, energy, and longevity. Sprouts are filling, are easy to implement in salads and sandwiches, or have as a snack. They can even be added to smoothies. A variety of sprouts may even be mixed together to make a complete salad. Some clients who suffer with reflux or other digestive issues when they consume animal proteins feel a significant relief when they add sprouts to their plate. This is because all these enzymes help to break down the protein. What a treat! They add taste at the same time as opposed to the capsulated enzymes that we often buy to take when eating cooked food.

Grow sprouts at home!

It is very easy to grow your own sprouts and can be safer than buying them in the grocery stores. Vegetable sprouting kits can be purchased from most health food stores or from companies that specialize in seeds and sprouting equipment. A green thumb is not necessary!

Sprouting at home is also a great hobby to do with your kids. It is super easy and fun to watch how the seeds germinate and change every day. It gives them something to look forward to while developing healthy habits!

Frances Michaelson

A pioneer in the fitness industry, Frances opened the first personal training center in the West Island of Montreal in 2001. In 2008 , Frances had the “gut feeling“ that there was more to learn about health and how our bodies function, which led to further her education in the field of Naturopathy and holistic nutrition. She has since authored two books. Her latest book, "Do you Have the Guts to be Healthy" was published in March 2021. As a trainer and naturopath, she truly loves seeing people transform themselves by trusting their bodies instead of getting caught up in the medical system. Practicing health is the only way to live the gift of life well!

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