The Ultimate Ab Challenge!

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The Ultimate Ab Challenge!

Fitness trainer Rosalie Brown is back at Total Gym Pulse to show us The Ultimate Ab Challenge using The Total Gym. Plank and ab challenges have become very popular and we here at Total Gym are proud to present our versions of that popular exercise..


Begin by getting into the plank position by putting your hands on the bars at the base of the machine and your feet on the glide board. Hold in place for ten seconds keeping your back straight and then continue on for nine seconds of bringing your knees forward back and forth.


Moving back to the original plank position, hold now for eight seconds and then transition to back to knee tucks for seven seconds. Following this pattern, hold the plank position for six seconds, knee tucks for five seconds, hold the plank for four seconds, knee tucks for three seconds, hold the plank for two seconds and ending with knee tucks for one second. After this you will have worked the abs, the core and will be feeling great!

We would like to thank Rosalie Brown for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. Look for more amazing workouts from Rosalie on The Total Gym coming soon!

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