Total Gym Boot Camp Workout with Sherry Goggin


Total Gym Boot Camp Workout

Miss Fitness America Sherry Goggin joins us on Total Gym Pulse to bring us her Total Gym Boot Camp Workout! This consists of alternating from one exercise to another with no rest period between exercises.




Sherry begins with bicep curls. She starts by keeping her arms down at her side, palms up and slowly brings them up in a curling motion.







Sherry transitions to the next exercise working the shoulders with upright raises. Keep your elbows up high, back straight and stick your chest out as you bring the cables to your chin.







From here, Sherry moves into what she calls “Inner Outers” which works the inner and outer thighs. Do this by sticking your feet into the inside of the cables and slowly work your legs in and out.






Slide around the glide board and switch to an ab exercise by pulling the cables across your body and into a twisting motion. This Twister exercise will work your abs and oblique muscles. Sherry says to do at least 10-12 reps if you want to get the best results.







Triceps are next as Sherry turns toward the base of The Total Gym and extends her arms back.









Staying in this same position she is able to move into a chest exercise by pushing the cables forward. Be sure to keep your back straight and elbows out while concentrating on having slow steady breaths.




Now it’s time to switch the legs. Begin by raising the level and unhooking the pulley on the machine. With your feet shoulder width apart start the squat exercise by sliding up and down. Squeeze your thighs and butt to get a great burn and be sure to remain slow and controlled throughout the movement. For this exercise you are going to do 10-12 reps.




End the workout by getting placing your toes on the squat board to work your calves. Work them up and down to achieve the lean sexy legs you desire. After working your legs to continue the boot camp workout do another set of the exercises.

We would like to thank Sherry Goggin for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. Look out for more great exercises coming from Sherry soon!





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  1. Disappointed that there isn’t a padded squat stand for Total Gym “Ultima” model.
    Sure there are lots of customers like me that would gladly pay for this accessory.
    Please advise when such accessory becomes available.

    Thank you

  2. I like the workout, but would find it much more helpful if the video would demonstrate the workout doing all 10-12 of the reps so we could follow along with the video in order to keep our form in check. Thanks.

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