Total Gym Challenge Debuts Next Week!

Today we give you another sneak peak at The Total Gym Challenge! Episode 1 debuts next Tuesday, August 12th, exclusively at Total Gym Pulse and features the group weigh in. We took 14 people with 14 different goals and put them through a series of 14 workouts. With fitness guru Rosalie Brown as their guide, watch as the participants take their fitness to a new level with the use of the Total Gym.

Total Gym Weight Loss Challenge

One of the great things about The Total Gym Challenge is that we took everyday people who weren’t trying to achieve results with little or no effort, but rather everyday people with realistic goals and determination to sweat through 14 workouts. Whether their goal was to get a swimsuit body, look good for a wedding, or lose stubborn belly fat, all of the participants had one thing in common–they wanted to get on a path to a healthy, happy and fit lifestyle. And it started with a commitment of less than 3 weeks.

Total Gym Weight Loss in just 3 weeks!

During the Total Gym Challenge, our participants followed a safe and effective workout schedule along with a healthy nutritional plan. See the results for yourself over the next 3 weeks!

Tune into Total Gym Pulse Tuesday to catch Episode 1 of the Total Gym Challenge!





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