The Total Gym Training Deck

Let’s talk about one of the coolest ways to take advantage of and maximize the versatility of your Total Gym and get the most out of your fitness workout – the Total Gym Training Deck.


This Deck is included with newer Total Gyms, but if you have an older model, you can purchase the Total Gym Deck here.


The Training Deck is such a powerful tool! It’s like having a professional personal trainer at your fingertips, sans the personal training fee. The 30 pre-designed workouts have all been developed by top Total Gym professionals. As you’ll see in the video, these workouts are easy to follow as they reference the cards you’ll use by number and color.


Here are just a few examples of the pre-designed workouts:


  • Men’s Lower Body Power
  • Total Body Circuit
  • Men’s & Women’s 6-8 Minute Workout
    • With varying 6 days of workouts!
  • Kid’s Workout
    • Kids love the Total Gym. It teaches them body awareness, proprioception, balance and how they can strengthen their body. It is also safer than having them use free weights.
  • Long and Lean
    • An entire body workout aimed to create a longer and leaner look.


These Total Gym professionals have also developed over 80 exercises to target specific body parts. Here are some benefits:


  • They are simple and easy to use!
  • The Total Gym Cards are all color coded by body part including Abs, Stretches and Compound Exercises which combine two or more body parts in one exercise.
    • Think of these Compound Exercises as multi-tasking, and a form of time management!
  • Each Total Gym Card provides specific instructions for safe and proper execution as well as Trainer’s Tips.
    • For example, the Pull-Up Card will teach you exactly how to execute a proper pull-up to maximize the benefits of your back workout.
  • If you’re a visual person, as most of us are, each Total Gym Card has pictures for the start and end movement of the exercise.
  • You can easily design your own personal workout for your specific needs as you’ll see in the video.


One of my favorite sayings when training clients is, “to keep your muscles progressing, you have to keep them guessing”. The Total Gym Training Deck allows you to easily change up your workouts for better performance, faster results, and to alleviate the boredom of doing the same routine day in and day out.


I typically tweak my client’s workout programs each week but every three months I will give them a completely new routine. I’ll know exactly when to do this, which is when they comment that they are not getting sore anymore. I always ask them if they have “heightened awareness” in the muscles we worked the day before. Being a little sore after a workout is a good thing as that is a signal that the body is being worked at the proper intensity to get the maximum results.


These results include:


  • Stronger Muscles – This will improve anything you do from your favorite sport or activity to sitting at your desk with proper posture.
  • Increased Metabolism – I call this “Turning up the furnace” as your body will actually require more calories to sustain itself! Hello, weight loss!
  • Good Old Aesthetics – Let’s be honest. Tight, strong muscles look much more appealing than flabby, sagging muscles.


Check out the video as I’ll explain how simple it is to know if you’re working out at the proper intensity to reap the greatest reward. Then, utilize your Total Gym Training Deck to maximize your routine and keep those muscles guessing, thus progressing in your workout.


In Good Health,



JayDee Cutting III, MBA

JayDee Cutting III, MBA is an Educator for the American Council On Exercise and holds 12 fitness certifications including Pilates, yoga, personal training, lifestyle and weight management. JayDee is a Total Gym master trainer and spokesmodel since 2004. He lectured and taught wellness at Rancho La Puerta Fitness Spa and is featured in over 10 fitness DVDs and over 40 fitness television programs. He developed his own Coregolf Fitness Program and founded the NiceDogYoga Company. His mission statement is: “My passion is inspiring people to enhance their lives through wellness, creating healthier, happier, higher qualities of life.”

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  1. Hello Jaydee,

    Does the Total Gym Deck, also work on abs or not? I see in the pre-designed workout you mentioned lower body only and nothing specific on abs.
    If you can clarify that please.

    Thanks in advance

    1. The Training Deck includes exercises for all muscle groups. Abs, Biceps, Back, Legs, Chest, Triceps, Shoulders… etc.

  2. You mentioned in the video that you have clients perform push exercises one day and pull exercises another. Can you clarify what those might be and would I be able to tell that from the deck cards?

    1. Push exercises involve pushing resistance away from you–mostly presses, like shoulder press, chest press, leg press/squat, any extensions (triceps, quads, calves). Pull exercises involve pulling the weight/resistance to you–think rows, curls (biceps or hamstrings), lat pulls.

      1. Thanks for your information. It was very helpful. Does JayDee have a video where he talks more about the Day 1 push, Day 2 pull process? Wondering how many of each type of exercise he recommends each day etc. Like does he recommend 1 set of 3 different chest exercises, 3 of shoulder, 3 of triceps, etc. for day 1. Would love to explore his method a little more. Thanks again. I love my total gym. We’ve had one for at least 15 years and we’ve convinced friends to buy them. Love love love it. My husband too.

        1. Hey Cheryl,

          I don’t think JayDee has anything public, but I think I can help you out. With “push” days, you tend to utilize the shoulders a lot (chest press, chest flys, shoulder press, raises, etc), so try to keep it lighter on the shoulder portion, so the shoulder muscles are not already overworked when you’re trying to do a chest exercise. So, a good example of a push workout would be:
          – warm up with 2 sets of tricep dips (if you have the dip bars), or press-down to your side to warm up the arms and elbow joints
          – 3 sets of chest press
          – 2 sets of tricep exercises (to give the shoulders a break)
          – 3 sets of should press
          – 2 sets of tricep exercises (to give the shoulders a break)
          – 3 sets of chest flys, or incline push-ups using the glideboard (feet on ground or knees on glideboard, hands on glideboard)

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