This Total Gym User Got Back in Shape After Pregnancy

Total Gym User Testimonial of the Week: Rebecca Joseph

Total Gym Pulse presents a new series to the Total Gym Blog called Testimonial of The Week. We will be posting these interviews on a weekly basis. Be sure to send us your Total Gym story. Meet our first featured testimonial, Rebecca Joseph.

Get in Shape After Pregnancy

Rebecca’s Total Gym story begins when she gained weight after her pregnancy. A fitness trainer recommended she start using the Total Gym because it was effective and easy to use, and she could use it in the privacy of her own home.

Get in Shape After Pregnancy

Once she got going, Rebecca was impressed by how easy it was to use the Total Gym. She started noticing a difference in the first week. She felt stronger, and before long, the pounds started to melt off. People were amazed and began to comment on her figure and the fact the she looked so fit after having a baby a few months before. She lost a total of 35 pounds using the Total Gym.

Get in Shape After Pregnancy

Get in Shape After Pregnancy

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  1. I bought my TG a couple years ago as it has helped me strengthen my legs and total body shape tremendously after having some 2 dozen leg surgeries from an accident and could do rehab at home re-generating vein circulation!!! I am back hiking and snow skiing stronger than ever . Thank you total Gym; Very Gratefull I took your
    online offer. !!!

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