Using Isometric Exercises on Your Total Gym to Build Strong Muscles

Regular gym goers and fitness enthusiasts are often looking for ways to tone their bodies as quickly as possible while simultaneously getting leaner and stronger so that when their bodies are on display, they can show it with confidence. Everyone is unique and has different body types so one fitness approach definitely does not fit all, but one fitness trend that stands the test of time for maximizing results in a very efficient matter is Isometric Exercise.


If you are not familiar with Isometric Exercises, it is a fitness philosophy designed to strengthen your muscles, reduce fat, and tone up your body involving muscle contractions without movement of the involved parts of the body, like planking. You can perform Isometric Exercises with or without any fitness equipment at all, including your Total Gym.


In fact, below we are going to give you seven Isometric Exercises that you can start doing on your Total Gym TODAY to help you work towards a new body in a safe and efficient matter. Check it out below:


Glute Bridge: Lie on your back with your knees bent, your arms by your sides, and your feet on the seat of your Total Gym. Elevate your hips by pressing your weight down in your palms and in your feet. Focus on squeezing your glutes and driving your weight down through your heels into the seat of your Total Gym Fit. Complete 5 rounds of a 30 second hold.


Plank Hold: Start with your body in a horizontal position with your weight on your toes and your palms face down on the seat of your Total Gym. Keep your body as straight as possible and make sure the midsection is not positioned to high or too low. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Complete 5 rounds of a 30 second hold.


Hanging: Start by grabbing the very top of your Total Gym. Hold the top of your unit with your hands and just hang. Hang there for 30 seconds and then come down. Complete 5 rounds of a 30 second hold.


Warrior III: Start with by slowly lifting your left leg and slowly shift your weight to your right leg. Bend forward at the same time while holding your Total Gym. Keep your back & spine straight the entire time. Bend forward and lift your leg until your spine and the lifted leg are aligned in a straight line and as your body is leaning over, you should be lifting the seat of your Total Gym at the same exact time.

Keep that balance and hold the pose for 10 seconds. Slowly lower your leg. Repeat the pose with the other leg. Complete 5 rounds of a 10 second hold on each leg.


Static Lunge: Start by standing with all the muscles in your body flexed and engaged. Split and take your left leg back in a lunge and place your right foot onto the seat of your Total Gym. Lower yourself into as deep of a lunge as you can without touching your bent knee to the ground, you literally just want to be a few inches above the ground. Hold this pose for 10 seconds and repeat with the other leg.Complete 5 rounds of a 10 second hold on each leg.

Push Up: Get into the push up position with your arms extended and your palms on the seat of your Total Gym. Lower your body to the halfway position and hold for 10 seconds before raising your body back up. Complete 5 rounds of a 10 second hold.


Bicep Curls: Sit on the seat of your Total Gym while facing the machine and holding both of the handles. Raise your body up by using the curling motion and keeping your elbows tight against your sides. Hold yourself in the up position for 10 seconds before slowly lowering yourself back down.Complete 5 rounds of a 10 second hold.

So, there you have it, seven Isometric Exercises that you can do on your Total Gym that will help you lean up, get stronger, and see muscles that you didn’t know even existed. Try the routine listed above 2 – 3 days per week for the next 6 weeks (along with a balanced diet of course) and watch your muscles & strength transform in no time!


Mike Robinson

Mike Z. Robinson is the owner of the highly successful personal training facility, MZR Fitness as well as Mike Z. Robinson Enterprises which features & highlights a myriad of options to help fitness professionals grow their businesses and careers. Mike was the 2015 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, is the author of the E-Book: “Fitness Up, Everything Up”, and he is also a Media Spokesperson for both the American Council on Exercise & IDEA Health & Fitness Association.

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