Workouts for Women: Why Weight Training Routines Won’t Bulk You Up

Weight Lifting Routines Don’t Necessarily Make You Bigger

Tiffany Savion trains with a lot of women, and one of the biggest concerns they have with weight training exercises is bulking up and getting muscular. But the reality is that resistance training is perfect for burning fat and burning calories, so you don’t need to worry about getting too big with these kinds of exercise routines. In fact, long after you’ve finished your weight lifting workout your body still burns calories – as opposed to just doing cardio. By doing simple back, bicep, tricep and full body exercises every other day you can maintain a great tone without the bulk.

Watch the video for more great tips from Tiffany, and to hear why she loves staying toned and burning calories with the Total Gym.

And for even more great tips on how to get lean without bulking up, read this.

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