12 Days of Fitness Challenge: 2nd Day of Fitness

The holiday season is upon us, and this usually means a combination of tackling Santa’s list for your family and friends, attending holiday parties, and heading to grandmother’s house for some holiday comfort food. So where do your fitness goals fit into all this?


You may work tirelessly to tackle holiday tasks, but maintaining your own health and wellness sanity should also be a priority. While it may not be your intention to slack on your fitness routine, let’s stop the madness, commit time from your busy schedule, and take on this 12 Days of Fitness Challenge!!



  1. Prioritize your health and wellness daily to make it work into your schedule.
  2. Stay consistent and committed with the 12-day plan.
  3. Work at your own fitness level and pace. Complete it in segments if needed.
  4. Reward yourself with something good after completing the challenge. Besides feeling accomplished, treat yourself to a new water bottle, fitness gear, or even a gadget. This could motivate you to achieve even more for the New Year to come.


If you decide to take on this 12-Day Fitness Challenge, you will see that it is devised for you to get inspired, to accomplish a set of goals, and to keep a consistent schedule in place.


Commit to your goals…



The 12-day series starts easy and builds up into more intense challenges as the day’s progress. The moves are simple, but you can advance them to challenge your own fitness level. Starting with small tasks will ensure you stay on track. After the first few days, the series will get more intense to allow you to improve upon what you started.



  • The daily workouts focus on a different muscle group each day.
  • Follow the prescribed reps and sets as directed each workout.
  • Challenge your strength level each workout.
  • Complete the ‘Daily Challenge’ by the end of each day.


Let’s deck the halls right and learn the 2nd Day of the Fitness Challenge details…





This is day 2 of the holiday challenge; if you’re just joining in now, please refer to the 1st day’s blog and video to get the full program details.



Equipment needed: Total Gym, squat stand accessory


  • The 2nd day of Fitness challenges the LEGS.
  • Perform each exercise for 10 reps, 1 set in Circuit Format.
  • Complete the ‘Daily Challenge’ by the end of each day.
  • Adjust the incline to accommodate and challenge your strength level.


Begin each workout with a dynamic warm-up & conclude with a cool down.

  • Warm up: Perform a 3-minute dynamic warm up to prepare your muscles in all ranges of motion. (Ex: jumping jacks, squat knee up, lunge & twist, etc.)
  • Cool Down: Conclude each workout with a series of stretches to recover and lengthen the muscles worked. Stretching prevents injury and prepares you for the next workout! (Ex: runners lunge, figure 4, forward fold, down-dog, etc.)



  1. Single leg squat
  2. Bridge press (single leg)
  3. Glute press
  4. Side lying squat & leg lift



  • PLANK HOLD: 30 seconds
  • PUSH-UP / PIKE-UP: 4 reps


Check out the video to see how these exercises are performed!


Set aside the eggnog and Christmas cookies and hide those excuses in the same spot you’ve been stashing your gifts all these years… and let’s get to it!


Stay tuned for the 3rd Day of Fitness Challenge.


Merry Fitness,




FOCUS OF THE DAY: Commitment to the goal

Mark Scally

Mark Scally is an athlete and player development coach committed to achieving high performance through specialized training. Mark’s background in sports focuses primarily in ice hockey where he had played four years at the collegiate level at the Pennsylvania State University and five years at various professional levels around the US. Starting in 2000, Mark had participated in two NHL training camps with The Pittsburgh Penguins and had played for minor league professional teams in the AHL, ECHL, and SPHL. After retiring from professional hockey in 2005, he continues to train as an athlete himself as well trains others in hockey. Mark also has a notable background in golf where he competed at a young age and played for a year on the Pennsylvania State (NCAA Div I) golf team. Mark continues to be an active golfer competing in local events on the amateur level. Balancing life outside of athletics, Mark is currently a registered professional civil engineer who performs engineering services for water infrastructure projects for a private consulting company. Regardless of type of sport, activity, or for general wellness, Mark is passionate about training. He has adopted a functional training style that involves cardio, strength, plyometrics, and agility exercises that are effective for all sports and also support a healthy lifestyle. The benefits Mark focuses on are improved strength, stamina, flexibility, and injury prevention. With a properly managed diet, Mark’s training will promote muscle development and excess fat loss, which can be calibrated based on your goals to make the best athlete out of all of us!

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