5-Week Metabolic Makeover – Week 3

We are now into week three. For many of you, you are well on your way to forming new habits and feeling the difference in your waistline, hunger levels, energy and strength. For some who have had some stumbles, it’s certainly not too late to really get back on the wagon and get serious.


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Why are we so sure that this program works? Well, there is more than 40 years of unparalleled success backed by case studies and controlled scientific trials for starters. Secondly, the scientific basis of the SMaRT system has been presented by Dr. Ben in seminars and round tables wherein he has successfully defended the tenets and responses of his nearly 50 years of observation.


Here’s a simple, step by step rationale supporting this SMaRT program: We are using both exercise and diet in their most powerful forms. If the goal of our plan is to use stored body fat and increase muscle tone and corresponding metabolic rate (calorie burning), then we are on the fast track.


Dr. Ben’s “15 Minutes to Fitness” explains that carbohydrates (sugars, starches, grains) require the powerful hormone insulin to process them into a usable form. Insulin also must quickly decide to store that energy (those calories) as fat or use it immediately. In most cases, the body, under insulin’s influence, stores the energy as fat. Therefore, the advice to strictly limit carbohydrate intake (40 grams or less initially) is a very powerful aspect of the SMaRT program. Don’t be timid about eating lots of fat, including meat, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts, avocados, coconut, olive oil, etc.


Next, the requirement of increasing metabolic rate (burning fat 24/7) is primarily dependent on stimulating muscle growth response. Many women and some men have a limited muscle size potential. Usually the outcome of SMaRT exercise is an aesthetically appealing male or female physique.




The overwhelming inclination of recent research indicates that HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the most efficient method for increasing muscle activity and metabolic rate. SMaRT training produces this response at an extraordinary level.


The simple explanation is that a harder exercise, not more exercise is almost always the best tactic for optimal response and results. So, how do we work harder without risk of injury and burn-out?


The answer: Brief workouts of roughly 15 minutes, with ample time for recovery (twice a week), performed at a very slow speed and with each set performed to a point of muscle failure.




Some simple explanations: HIIT exercise of any nature must be performed in intervals. If it’s truly high intensity, it simply can’t be sustained for any longer length of time. The exerciser must slow down or rest in between high intensity bursts or efforts. Remember, in the SMaRT system, the bursts of effort are performed very slowly so that the joints can be spared wear and tear trauma and damage.


Next installment, we’ll explain the secrets of the SMaRT exercise program and explain why it is healthier for your heart than traditional cardio exercise. We’ll dispel some common myths about fats, cholesterol and healthy eating. Keep up the good work and for more info, order Dr. Ben’s “15 minutes” to Fitness” from Total Gym!

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