Fit, Fun Family Vacation

Stay Fit While Having a Fun Family Vacation

Fit Family Getaways

A fun family getaway does not mean abandoning your healthy lifestyle. It may be impossible to stick to your traditional fitness plan, but a brief detour doesn’t mean conceding defeat! Here are some tips for staying fit without compromising having fun on your next family vacation.

Beware the buffet
When you’re home, it’s easy to stock the kitchen with healthy goodness. When you’re on vacation, you may feel at the mercy of dining out, dining on the go, and all the unhealthy ramifications of surrendering culinary control. The key is to go on your family getaway prepared. Pack healthy snacks like trail mix, energy bars, and powdered protein/superfood. Don’t be caught empty handed when hunger hits in between meals.

If you don’t have a bullet blender, buy one. This little wonder is compact enough to tuck away in your suitcase. When you arrive at your vacation destination, locate the nearest grocer. Purchase pre-washed kale or spinach, a carton of almond milk, and some berries. Make your own delicious smoothies; perfect on-the-go meal substitute. Healthy eating during the day means guilt-free dining out for dinner!

Alcohol = empty calories
When on vacation, even a family vacation, it can be tempting to indulge more than usual in alcoholic beverages. Delicious, easy-to-drink, “thirst quenchers” like frozen margaritas and chocolate martinis. Sigh… First off, alcoholic drinks do not quench your thirst; they dehydrate you from your skin on in, and you will look it as much as you feel it. Secondly, alcoholic drinks, particularly the frosty and/or chocolaty kind, are chock-full of calories with no nutritional value. Indulge, but be aware! Those cocktails are sneaky.

Make time for yourself
Even though it’s a family vacation, set aside thirty minutes per day that is all about you. This “me” time you make for fitness could hold your key to vacation calm. Go for a jog before the family has awoken. Find a coffee shop nearby and make walking there a morning or afternoon ritual. Just thirty minutes per day of cardio Zen time will make a world of difference for body and mind.

Family adventure
No matter your destination, there are extensive options for family-friendly fitness. From hiking the outdoors, to a walking tour of the city; wherever you’re headed, there is a way to stay active the whole family can enjoy. Planning for family fitness is a great way to build excitement for your vacation, and get the kids involved before even leaving home!

Be kind to yourself
Staying fit on your family vacation is an admirable goal, and definitely one to plan ahead for. But, everything in moderation. Don’t grow impatient with yourself, or be so committed to sticking with a fitness plan you forget to enjoy your getaway! Just keep fitness in mind. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Drink a smoothie instead of grabbing an order of fries. That sort of thing. Plan ahead, try to make good choices, but above all, treasure your time away!

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