How To Get Tight and Firm Thighs

How to Get Tight Firm Thighs

How To Get Tight and Firm Thighs

Fitness trainer Rosalie Brown is back on Total Gym Pulse to show us an amazing workout to firm and tighten the inner and outer thighs using The Total Gym. Rosalie says this is one area of the body many of her clients complain about – often saying it needs more firming and tightening. Today Rosalie shows us an inner thigh squat with an additional hop exercise to increase the calorie burning and intensity of the exercise.

Begin by laying on your side and placing your heel at the top of the squat stand. Make sure you spread your body all the way to the bottom so you can get a full range of action. Then start to squat up and down, push through your heel and feel the inner thigh activate.

Tight and firm Thighs

Once you are warmed up, add a plyometric hop to your squat. Rosalie recommends doing three sets of eight in a row for 24 reps. If it starts getting too intense, simply take out the hop. Also keep in mind, the lower you go, the more range of motion you get, the more muscles you will activate. By adding the hop, not only are you going to feel your heart race increase but you are also going to feel the thigh muscles fire up. When done with 24 reps on one leg, simply flip over and work the other side.

tight and firm thighs 3

We would like to thank Rosalie for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. Look for more great Total Gym workouts coming from her soon!

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