Total Gym Addicts – Marty’s Arm Workout

Hello, this is Marty and I’m back for my second Total Gym Blog. I’ll be demonstrating two triceps exercises. In the first exercise, I will be doing Tricep Dips on the Total Gym. I will be using the Dip Bar and Weight Bar attachments from Totally Gym, but before the workout, I will provide instructions on how to prepare your glide board using these attachments.

Tricep Dips

Attachments required:

  1. Total Gym Dip Bars
  2. Total Gym Weigh Bar
  3. Weight Plates

In the second exercise I will be doing Single Arm Tricep Kick-Back. A word of caution: when you place your hand on the glide board, be careful to keep your fingers away from the rollers.

Single Arm Tricep Kick-Back

Attachments required: None


For the month of February, I will be wearing red to bring awareness to heart disease.  The month of February is Heart Disease Awareness Month and it’s very special to me.  In 2015, I had open heart surgery which lasted 8.5 hours. I had five (5) bypasses, one (1) closed hole and one (1) repaired valve. My doctors told me had I not been in training shape like I was prior to surgery, I would have possibly died. I truly believe exercising regularly and having a good nutrition plan will help fight heart disease.

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