Three Hot Body Moves To Melt Off Fat

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Three Hot Body Moves To Melt Off Fat

Today on Total Gym Pulse, Maria Sollon of Groovy Sweat to show us three hot body moves to melt off fat using The Total Gym.


The first exercise Maria begins with is the “Arm Circle Crunch.” Begin by laying on your back and have both cables in hand. Extend your arms out and bring them in causing your body to do a crunch motion and extend the arms back out. Alternate the direction of your arms up and down and to intensify the exercise, simply bring your legs in and out with the motion of the arms. This will really advance the exercise without making many changes.

Next, Maria demonstrates the “Surfer Tricep Bicep” exercise. To get into the exercise, turn around in a kneeling position facing the tower of The Total Gym. Stretch your arms forward reaching out throughout your body. This will stretch your triceps as you extend your arms back, keeping them straight the entire time. From here, it is a smooth transition to a bicep curl. This exercise allows you to work two different muscle groups at the same time. To intensify this exercise, come to high kneeling position working your thighs, glutes and hamstrings maximizing your time as you go through the workout.

Moving on,  Maria turns to the side, hooks her feet along the glideboard and comes to a high kneeling position for “Arm Crosses.” As Maria twists from side to side she alternates which arm she lifts up. She created this exercise because it works all of the muscle groups at one time, which is not only highly effective but also saves time. To challenge yourself, try adding a squat throughout the motion. Simply sit up and back down as you move from side to side. Try to complete 10 reps and remember you can always make it easier or harder by changing the level of the incline.

*Perform each exercise for 10 reps, one after the other, and with little to no rest between each movement.  Repeat 2-3 sets.

*Place the incline on the appropriate level according to your fitness level and change it to accommodate the exercises.



We would like to thank Maria for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. Look out for more amazing Total Gym exercises coming from her soon!

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