Leg Pulley with Cassandra

The leg pulley system is an amazing addition to your workout routine. I like to use it to stretch out my hips and legs on a low level especially with the range of motion you can achieve. I created this routine to show you just how easy it is to attach the ankle straps and pulley system. So join me for a few fun exercise moves perfect for all you beginners out there!

Setting up your leg pulley attachment

Start by setting your Total Gym to a low level and attaching the D ring pulley system to the mechanism on the Total Gym. The O ring attaches under the glide board and the clip side with attach to the ankle rings once you are in place. You can be barefoot or with shoes just make sure your ankle straps are secure.

Use the squat stand for support and hold onto the cable with the clip you may attach the clip to the front or outer ring to being the first exercise. Holding the cable during the exercises will help you have the most stability. Be careful not to over extend when performing the movements, feel free to make your circles and lifts smaller until you are ready for more range of motion.

Complete each exercise 15 reps

Supine Position

Hamstring Pull

Hamstring Pull with Abduction

Leg Circles Clockwise

Leg Circles Counter Clockwise

Leg Press

Lateral Position

Inner Thigh Pull

Inner Thigh Pull with Sweep

Side Leg Heel Press

Side Circles Clockwise

Side Circle Counter Clockwise

Repeat on other leg

I hope you enjoy my favorite exercises using the Total Gym Leg Pulley System. If you would like to work both legs at the same time you can purchase the Leg Extension Rope from TotalGymDirect.com. For more motivation and support, connect with me on Cassandra’s Total Fitness on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Cassandra Kurpiel

Certified Health Coach

Total Gym Ambassador

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