Total Gym Challenge Episode 3: “Week Two…The Challenge Continues!”

Total Gym Challenge Episode 3
“Week Two…The Challenge Continues!”

After week one of The Total Gym Challenge you’ve met the participants and watched them go through their first workout. Now it’s time to continue all of the action in Week 2 with Episode 3 of The Total Gym Challenge exclusively on Total Gym Pulse!

Rosalie Brown - Total Gym Trainer

Fitness trainer and group leader Rosalie Brown starts us off by saying she’s never seen such great results in only one week with The Total Gym. She credits the strength training you are able to do on the machine such as pullups, chin ups, squats and more. By working the major muscle groups you are able to burn calories more efficiently. Rosalie also points out that on the Total Gym you can mix strength training with a cardio workout and this plays an important role in one’s fitness success. This episode features Rosalie taking the 14 participants through their exercise routine broken up into 1 minute intervals. In the video Rosalie tells the group that none of them have to leave the gym tonight and go for a run, go for a walk or go on a bike ride because their cardio is already included in their strength training.

Total Gym Ab Workout

Next, Rosalie shows how to achieve flatter abs by explaining about the importance of “igniting” the obliques. The oblique muscles are the largest muscles of the three flat muscles in the lateral anterior abdomen. Working these thin muscles that run diagonally will improve your abdomen giving you that “V shaped” look. Rosalie says if you’re frustrated with how your abs look it is because you are not working on your obliques.

Total Gym Curls

The group then continues their workout focusing on strength training and finishes off with another bout of cardio. She reminds everyone that muscles know no age. Like Rosalie says “Use them or lose them!” To check out another blog post where Rosalie goes into more detail about the age of muscles, Click Here

The Total Gym is for everyone, at all ages!

Wrapping up the workout Rosalie runs through the exercises they went through including a cardio warm up, squats, inner thigh squats, tippy toe squats, chin ups, pull ups and a variety of exercises working the upper body. Whether you are 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years in age The Total Gym allows you to do it all.

Be sure to join us Thursday August 21st on Total Gym Pulse for Episode 4 of The Total Gym Challenge which includes more workout action and our participant reactions. For more information on how the Total Gym can help you in your fitness journey please visit Total Gym Direct. See you next time!





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