Cassandra’s Fierce in 5 Total Gym Workout

Cassandra’s Fierce in 5 Total Gym Workout!

Who doesn’t want more FIERCENESS in their life!!! I love simple and fun workouts using the Total Gym. This workout is designed to deliver a full body routine in 5 steps and in just a few minutes. So you don’t have to worry if you are crunched on time, or feeling guilty you missed another workout, because I can promise you will have time for this one!! The secret is to do a little something every single day. You don’t have to do a ton of different exercises to great into shape. This routine will prove that! The more you move, the faster the results.

Let’s get started!

5 Exercises - 15 Reps - 3 Rounds

Warm up before you begin any routine and have a water bottle ready.


1. High Row Booty Burn - Using the cables, knees on the glide board facing the tower, as you pull the cables up and towards your chin, engage you back and rise up to engage your glutes.

2. Outer Hip & Thigh Press – Facing the tower, sit on the glide board holding the cable handles and placing feet on the cables as you slowly press out with the feet. Engaging the thighs and hips. Try not to pull on the handles with upper body, allow the feet to do the work.

3. Butterfly – Face away from the tower holding onto the cables. Cables are under the arms and press away from the body and slowly open the arms up and around to create the butterfly effect.

4. Core Extension – Remove the squat stand, place hands on the floor at the base and get into a plank position, belly facing the glide board. Tuck the knees into the core as then extend back into plank. Keep the knees from touching the board if possible.

5. Mountain Climber – Feet at the base, hands securely rested onto the glide board and you are in a plank position. Start running by bringing your knees into the core but keeping your arms planted.

Let me know what you think about Cassandra’s Fierce in 5 workout! You can challenge yourself even more by doing 5 rounds and raising the levels. The Total Gym grows with you as you get stronger!

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Cassandra Kurpiel
Certified Health & Life Coach
Total Gym Ambassador

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