Fat Burning Workout Day 1

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Fat Burning Workout Day 1


Miss Fitness America Sherry Goggin joins us again on Total Gym Pulse to show us how to get a bikini body by doing some amazing fat burning exercises in a three day program using The Total Gym. In today’s workout Sherry will demonstrate how to work on your back, shoulders and abs.


Begin by sitting on your knees on the glideboard. Squeeze your back and do a low pull bringing the cables to your midsection. This isolates your muscles and works the lower back. From here, Sherry transitions into what she calls an “X” exercise by pulling the cables apart diagonally – then alternating each hand up and down. Sherry says  to work your way to do 3 sets of 10 for each exercise in this series.


Next, she transitions into the “Surfer” exercise. Simply lean forward and push the cables back as if you were paddling the water on a surfboard.




Move onto the next exercise by sitting straight up and bringing the cables to your chin. This is going to work your shoulders. While doing this be sure to keep your elbows up high and make sure your breathing is slow and controlled.





From here, Sherry demonstrates front raises by lifting one arm at a time all the way above her head. While doing this be sure to keep your arms straight. Keep in mind shoulders are often a neglected part of the body. By working them you will improve your ability to reach and life objects, and also improve your overall strength.




By repositioning herself on The Total Gym, Sherry brings the cable across her body –  working the shoulders once again. She reminds us to be sure to work both sides of the body.





Staying in a similar position bring your legs off the glideboard to do an oblique twisting exercise to work the abdominal region.




Sherry concludes the working by lying flat on her back and raising the cables over her head. Bring them straight down to your side and squeeze your muscles. This is going to work both your lower and upper abs.

We would like to thank Sherry Goggin for joining us on Total Gym Pulse and giving us a great day 1 workout to get that bikini body we’ve always dreamed of. Stay tuned for Day 2 of Sherry’s fat burning workout coming soon!

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