The KISS Workout on the Total Gym with Mike “The Fat Guy” Campbell

“The Fat Guy’s” KISS Workout

Have you ever heard of KISS? Not the famous rock band, the acronym for “Keep It Simple Stupid.” Joining us today on Total Gym Pulse is Mike “The FAT Guy” Campbell to explain to us what KISS means to him when it comes to weight loss and using the Total Gym.

Mike begins the video by saying that he was first introduced to “KISS” when his father told him about it when he was just a boy. Then he tells a little bit about his story as an adult; when Mike’s weight increased to over 300 pounds he knew he had to make some drastic changes. He knew the answer didn’t have to be complex or complicated, but rather something simple. He researched different gyms and several different weight loss options and finally settled on the Total Gym. Going back to KISS, Mike started with very simple exercises he knew he could do and started seeing results.

Mike began his Total Gym workout routine by doing a simple chest press exercise on the Total Gym. Then he switched over to chest flies. This exercise consists of very simple motions, but when you consider that Mike weighed around 300 lbs., the resistance is considerable. Then, Mike shows us the triceps exercise he would do to end his simple workout.




After demonstrating these exercises, Mike points out the advantages of the Total Gym and how simple exercises on the Total Gym can be correlated back to the “KISS” method. Even with simple routines, the Total Gym gives you an effective, awesome workout. Mike also points out how you never have to wait in line or worry about switching machines when working out at home with the Total Gym!


We would like to thank Mike for joining us on Total Gym Pulse and giving us some great techniques that not only apply to using the Total Gym but also to our lives. Look for more great health tips coming from Mike soon!

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