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Personal Trainer Workouts: Tiffany Savion

Certified GRAVITY Fitness Trainer Tiffany Savion joins Total Gym Pulse to bring you a series of exercises she uses on the Total Gym. Tiffany considers herself a “wellness warrior,” life stylist and an enthusiast with a great passion for health and fitness.

Tiffany Savion

In Tiffany’s first segment, she starts with an exercise for a part of the body that is very important yet often neglected: the back. She talks about how we are often at our computers, driving and even holding our children, which can cause a lot of weakness in the upper and lower back. Tiffany gives us a couple of options for strengthening the back and improving posture.

Workout with Tiffany Savion

The first exercise Tiffany demonstrates is the “wide row.” Start with your belly button pressed to your spine and make sure the abs are tight and contracted. With the shoulders down and away from the ears, pull your arms in toward your chest. It is important go through the exercise slowly and controlled while keeping the belly contracted. Tiffany suggests doing three sets of 15 reps or two sets of 20 reps, depending on what you are most comfortable with.

Workout with Tiffany Savion

Next, Tiffany transitions from a wide grip to a closed grip. This is done by turning the hands internally and squeezing back similar to the exercise before. The shoulders should still be away from the ears and the abs stay tight. These are just a couple variations to strengthen your back and improve your posture.

Workout with Tiffany Savion

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Here is a link to an excellent blog post emphasizing the importance of a strong back:

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  1. Why are you moving so slow? Is that to demonstrate the exercise or do you do all of your movements like that?

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