Wake Up and Row: Kickstart Your Day On the Total Gym Incline Row

Wake up… get rowing… and get going with your day. It’s that simple and it just takes 10 mins. Make an easy commitment to own your mornings and start your day feeling fresh and energized.

The Total Gym Incline Row will be used for this workout. What you’ll notice about this equipment is that it’s “easy” for all the right reasons!! Easy to use, easy on the joints (low impact), and easy to get an intense workout in a short period of time. The benefits of training on an incline Total Gym rower are numerous.

Here are some of the key benefits:

1. Improved cardiovascular health: Rowing is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that helps improve heart health, increase lung capacity, and boost overall endurance.
2. Strengthened muscles: Rowing on an incline works the major muscle groups of your body, including your legs, glutes, back, arms, and shoulders. This type of workout helps increase muscle strength and tone, leading to a more defined and sculpted physique.
3. Increased calorie burn: Rowing on an incline is a high-intensity workout that burns a significant number of calories. This can help you achieve your weight loss goals faster and more efficiently.
4. Reduced joint impact: Unlike other high-impact exercises, rowing on an incline is low-impact, which means it puts less stress on your joints. This makes it an ideal workout for those with joint pain or mobility issues.
5. Improved balance and coordination: Rowing on an incline requires coordination and balance, which helps improve these skills over time.

Performing an incline Total Gym Incline Row workout in the morning will also increase your energy levels and kickstart your metabolism, which can help you burn more calories throughout the day. It will help reduce stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling more relaxed and focused throughout the day.

Here's how to get started:

1. Take a seat and grab the handlebars with either an underhand or overhand grip (you can always alternate your grip as you go).
2. Start with a 2 minute warm-up of easy rowing to get the blood flowing.
3. Increase the intensity and row as hard as you can for 30 seconds.
4. Follow that with 30 seconds of easy rowing to recover.
5. Repeat this pattern of 30 seconds hard rowing and 30 seconds of easy rowing for the remaining 8 minutes.
6. Conclude with a quick stretch to recover your muscles and get ready for your day.

Be sure to check out the video for a quick demo and row variations you can include.

Make it your go-to commitment before you start the day and you’ll be amazed at how great you feel. For those with hectic and busy schedules, the convenience of having the incline row machine right at home is key to making this workout part of you morning routine.

Convenience + commitment = results.

Happy rowing!

Mark Scally

Mark Scally is an athlete and player development coach committed to achieving high performance through specialized training. Mark’s background in sports focuses primarily in ice hockey where he had played four years at the collegiate level at the Pennsylvania State University and five years at various professional levels around the US. Starting in 2000, Mark had participated in two NHL training camps with The Pittsburgh Penguins and had played for minor league professional teams in the AHL, ECHL, and SPHL. After retiring from professional hockey in 2005, he continues to train as an athlete himself as well trains others in hockey. Mark also has a notable background in golf where he competed at a young age and played for a year on the Pennsylvania State (NCAA Div I) golf team. Mark continues to be an active golfer competing in local events on the amateur level. Balancing life outside of athletics, Mark is currently a registered professional civil engineer who performs engineering services for water infrastructure projects for a private consulting company. Regardless of type of sport, activity, or for general wellness, Mark is passionate about training. He has adopted a functional training style that involves cardio, strength, plyometrics, and agility exercises that are effective for all sports and also support a healthy lifestyle. The benefits Mark focuses on are improved strength, stamina, flexibility, and injury prevention. With a properly managed diet, Mark’s training will promote muscle development and excess fat loss, which can be calibrated based on your goals to make the best athlete out of all of us!

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