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Take away the music and a 20-minute workout can feel like an eternity! If you do not presently include music in your workout, be prepared for a major motivational boost. There are no wrong answers when it comes to creating a workout playlist; the most important criteria in selecting workout music are mood and personal preference. It doesn’t matter what gets someone else up the stairs; what matters is what song makes YOU want to keep moving, even when fatigue rears its ugly head? You’ll find me listening to everything from Elton John to Jay-Z. I sometimes sing along. I sometimes look ridiculous and probably sound it too, but, no matter. Whatever gets you through your workout to keep you feeling fit!

There are a lot of criteria by which to build and organize a workout playlist. Things like: Genre, Artist, and Workout Type. Or, organize your workout music according to what really moves you; your mental state. Here are some suggestions.

A Very Zen Workout Playlist

Mood: Mellow, content, Zen.
Mindset: The world is beautiful.
Workout: Maybe some yoga, or a light jog on the beach.
Music: Classical, instrumental, ambient, or soft rock. Music to complement your peaceful frame of mind; or a soundtrack to lovely surroundings.

The Angry Workout Playlist

Mood: Just really annoyed at everything right now.
Mindset: Seriously? Don’t ask.
Workout: An aggressive 20-minutes of cardio.
Music: Classic or hard rock! Drums and electric guitar lend the perfect voice to grievances, and the tempo will keep you moving. You could be on the treadmill or following a workout video. No matter the scenery, this music is all about mind over matter.

The Get Up and Go Playlist

Mood: Lazy.
Mindset: The couch is awesome, why should anyone ever leave it, ever?
Workout: 20-minutes of moderate cardio.
Music: This playlist crosses genres for when you need a reminder of why you workout, and of the goals you wish to attain. Include artists whose physique you aspire to. It doesn’t have to be realistic. I have Beyonce on my list and that isn’t going to happen, but it still gets me moving.

The Eye of the Tiger Playlist

Mood: Motivated.
Mindset: Hear me roar.
Workout: Something you haven’t tried before!
Music: These are the songs that get you up the hill, over the mountain, and have you crushing (okay, completing) that extra mile. Think workout montage from Rocky. You got this.

The Fresh & Fun Playlist

Mood: Indecisive.
Mindset: I don’t want to make any more decisions.
Workout: A little of this, a little of that. Light cardio, weights, core…
Music: Sometimes the best workout playlist includes the element of surprise. Achieve this with your playlist mother ship: the master list that houses all of your other playlists. Who knows what might come on? Skipping songs, and having a favorite play unexpectedly, keeps you alert and can make a workout fresh and fun.

Make music your secret workout weapon. Share playlists with friends, or ask your significant other / kids to create one for you! Tune in, tone up and remember: there are no rules.

What are some of your top songs to workout to? Tell us in the comments below!

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