Tips For Getting A Strong Back


Tips For Getting A Strong Back

Fitness trainer and TV personality Rosalie Brown is back on Total Gym Pulse to show us a great back workout using The Total Gym. Rosalie stresses the importance of working your back along with the concept of “bite size” pieces of exercise. It all adds up so if you can only do one to two exercises at a time and have to continue more later on in the day, it’s ok! If there is a part of your body that needs extra attention do the exercise on it’s own.


The first back exercise Rosalie demonstrates is the “Back Row.” This is great if you are short on time. Start by sitting up tall on the glide board of The Total Gym with your back straight and cables in hand. Pull the the cables to right below your chest, squeezing the shoulder blades with each pull. Do this for 8-16 reps to warm your body up.




Once you are warmed up, put two cables in one hand and start to pull back like before. This is going to isolate one side of your back and while doing this still continue to pull the free hand back as well. Do this for six reps and then do 4-6 with cables in both hands before switching to one hand again on the other side. After working the other side by it’s self, go back to recovery mode with both cables in both hands for 4-6 reps. Do this for 2-3 sets.


This workout is a great way to “attack the back” as Rosalie says in a short amount of time. Again, she stresses the importance of how even a little bit of exercise can go a long one in one’s health and fitness journey.

We would like to thank Rosalie for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. Look out for more amazing workouts coming from her soon using The Total Gym!



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  1. I love my total gym. There’s not a day go by i work out with.I am 68 years old I work out with my total gym 4-5
    days a week. I’m trying to save so I can buy the .new total gym fit
    Thanks total gym

  2. This is really good exercise for back. I like your video. this is really a good video. hope it will also helps.

  3. I have the newest best total gym but don’t know where to start or how help please!

    1. Hey Michelle,

      You are in the right place! You can start easy by searching the articles here on the blog or by watching the videos on our YouTube Channel:

      If you have the Total Gym FIT (the newest model), it should have come with some workout DVDs that you can use to help guide you through your workouts until you are comfortable enough to start creating your own!

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