Rosalie Brown Total Gym Abs Workout

Total Gym Abs Workout with Rosalie Brown

Rosalie Brown is back with another segment for Total Gym Pulse! In this video, Rosalie demonstrates how to work the abs with her highly effective bicycle abs workout on the Total Gym. Everyone wants better-looking abs, and they always want the to see fast results. With Rosalie’s abs workout, you will not only feel the results, you’ll see the results.

Rosalie Brown Ab Workout

Rosalie takes the normal bicycle abs workout one would normally do on the floor and moves it to the Total Gym. This Total Gym workout is great for boosting the heart rate and achieving results in a minimum amount of time.

Rosalie Brown Ab Workout

By running in place on the Total Gym, not only are you burning calories but you’re also tightening the abdominal wall. The bicycle exercise really fires up your obliques – which are your body’s natural girdling system. Tighten up your girdle and have better abs faster with the Total Gym!

Rosalie Brown Ab Workout

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