3 Weeks To Six Pack Abs With The Total Gym – Week 3

ripped abs week 3 video

3 Weeks to Six Pack Abs with the Total Gym
Week 3:

Ripped Abs.
Washboard Stomachs.
Chiseled Core.

Rock Solid 6-pack.


No matter what you call it, everyone knows what these terms are referring to and wants a set! But how do you make this occur and can you dedicate the time to chisel the middle into your lifestyle?


As the weather improves, the objective to cut down and trim up tends to be a common goal to achieve. I have created a 3-week program that will guide you to getting those ripped abs you always wanted! Let’s go over a few things before we get into the programs details.



The abdominals are composed of four main muscles; The Rectus Abdominis, Internal Oblique, External Oblique, and Transverse Abdominis. Each muscle has a role in stabilizing the core, maintaining proper posture and alignment, produces power to initiate movement, and composes the appearance of an impressive midsection.



Obtaining ripped 6-pack abs is achieved with consistent daily efforts that combine a balanced and manageable approach towards hard work in the kitchen and in the gym. There is no magic formula or a specific diet that works better than another to get the chiseled abs.


Strive to choose ‘clean and healthy’ foods that nourish your body. Remember it’s calories in vs. calories out. Supplying your body with food on a consistent basis will get your metabolism firing, A short cut for determining your calorie needs for losing fat is to multiply your bodyweight by 12 and that number will be a place to start. That number can be adjusted as you begin to notice changes in your progress.


What you do during your workouts matter. Stick to a plan and a schedule to follow that works towards your specific goal. Choose exercises that target every angle of the muscle and vary the routine each workout so the muscles constantly stay challenged.


Each week I have been including a healthy smoothie to add to your diet. It is important to keep on your ‘clean foods’ diet daily so that you maximize your results through the process. This week I am including another amazing juice smoothie you can try at home. It’s healthy, energizing, refreshing, replenishing, and packed with nutrients that will help your body lean out!


ripped abs week 3 recipe


The Program: How to get ripped abs in 3-weeks

This is the 3rd and final week of the Get Ripped Abs program. If you are just joining in now, please refer to week 1 to get the full program details and start from the beginning.


The Get Ripped Abs program is a 3-week training schedule that progressively builds upon the previous week. The workouts change each week by adding new core exercises, extra training days, and incorporating workouts from the prior week. This will allow your muscles to continue to be challenged and add variety to your weekly routine. These workouts can be performed in conjunction with your current workouts or on their own.


The routines are designed to progress in intensity by reps, sets, and incline to challenge your fitness level. By the end of the 3 weeks, you will have a library of core exercises you can continue to add into your workouts, not to mention a sexy, ripped midsection!



Week 1: 2 core days +1 plank day (3 workouts)

Week 2: 3 core days +2 plank days (5 workouts)

Week 3: 4 core days +2 plank days (6 workouts)


Use the chart below as a 3-week guide to plan your core workouts into your current routines.

 ripped abs week 2 schedule

ripped abs week 3 workout


*Please refer to the video to see how these exercises are performed.


NOTE: Be sure to maintain proper form when holding an isometric plank. The shoulders should be down away from the neck, the chest is slightly lifted, and the core is engaged so that the back is long/ flat with no signs of ‘dipping’ in the middle.

Modified: lower the knees to the floor and keep the same upper body form.



Help motivate and inspire others by posting your experience, thoughts, results, and even recipes to try on social media platforms (Twitter & Instagram).

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I’d love to hear how you’re doing achieving your ripped 6-pack abs success!


Best of luck this final week with remaining motivated, staying committed, and keeping a strong will of determination to achieve those ripped 6-pack set of abs! You hold all the power and the strength within you to achieve whatever you set out to do!



Best Always,



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